The GPCR Retreat focuses on advances in our understanding of how cells communicate with each other and the environment via G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), the largest class of membrane proteins and one of the largest classes of targets for drugs currently on the market. The principal objective of the GPCR Retreat is to provide a venue for students, post-doctoral fellows, and principal investigators from academia and industry to discuss and debate existing and novel concepts in receptor biology. One of the core values of this international meeting is to promote interactions among all participants, particularly between trainees and principal investigators. Each year, approximately 2/3 of the participants are trainees. Registration is capped at 200 participants to promote an intimate environment. Over the years, the meeting has grown into one of the most recognized events in the field. That reputation has led to broad participation from the Great Lakes region and beyond.


The GPCR Retreat is an annual joint meeting that rotates around locations in the United States and Canada surrounding the Great Lakes region. The first Great Lakes GPCR Retreat was conceived, organized and held in London, Ontario, Canada in October 1999. The following year, the Great Lakes GPCR Retreat partnered with the annual symposium of the Club des Récepteurs à Sept Domains Transmembranaires du Québec. The meeting tours through many of the major universities in the Great Lakes region in both Canada and the United States. The past few GPCR retreats have been held in Cleveland, Ohio (2013), London, Ontario (2012), Chateau Montebello, Quebec (2011), Kingsbridge Centre, Ontario (2010), Rochester, New York (2009), Bromont, Québec (2008), London, Ontario (2007) and Detroit, Michigan (2006). The region of the Great Lakes harbors an exceptionally high concentration of scientists working on virtually all aspects of GPCR research. This meeting has now become internationally recognized as a landmark meeting for the dissemination of results, exchange of ideas and the development of collaborations in the field of molecular pharmacology.

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