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                     Preliminary program

Thursday October 2nd

15:00-16:30          Arrival and registration

16:35-16 :45         Welcoming remarks

                           Bryan L. Roth, U. North Carolina
                             "Transformational approaches for GPCR research"

17:45-19:30          Welcome reception and Poster Session I 

19:30-21:30          Dinner

                            Friday October 3rd                        

7:30-8:30           Breakfast

8:30-10:00          SESSION 1: Biophysical studies of GPCRs

8:30 Michael R. Bruchas, Washington University, MO, USA
         "In vivo Spatiotemporal control of GPCR Signaling"

8:55 James W. Wells, University of Toronto, Canada
         "Supramolecular organisation of M2 muscarinic receptors"

9:20 Kevin Xiao, Duke University Medical Center, NC, USA
         "The Great Power of Mass Spectometry in GPCR Structural Study"

9:45 Short presentation - Benjamin Tehan, Heptares Therapeutics,UK
"The  A to C of GPCRs"                      

10:00  Coffee Break

10:30- 12:00       SESSION 2: Novel aspects of GPCR signaling 

10:30 Steve S.G. Ferguson, University of Western Ontario, Canada
          "GRK2 knock-down results in spontaneous hypertension and altered
           vascular GPCR signaling"

10:55 Stefano Marullo, Institut Cochin, Paris, France
          "Cell surface export of GABA
B receptors is controlled by an ER gate-

11:20 Jean-François Côté, Université de Montréal, Canada
           "The GPCR BAI3 promotes myoblast fusion by engaging the ELMO/DOCK1

11:45 Short presentation - Hannah Stoveken, University of Rochester
           Medical Center, NY, USA
          "Revealing a Cryptic Tethered Agonist Permits Adhesion GPCRs GPR56 and
           GPR110 to Activate Heterotrimeric G proteins"

12:00  Lunch

1:30-15:00          SESSION 3: GPCR trafficking                                 

13:30  Mark Von Zastrow, University of California San Francisco
"Functions of GPCR endocytosis in cellular signaling"

13:55  Graciela Piñeyro, Université de Montréal, Canada
            "Post-endocytic sorting of delta opioid receptors and recycling via late
            endosomal compartments"

14:20  Wendy Walwyn, University of California Los Angeles, USA
            "A novel GPCR signaling pathway: β-arrestin 1 and cofilin regulation of
             opioid receptor trafficking"

14:45  Short presentation - Stéphanie Rosciglione, Université de
            Sherbrooke, Canada
            "A new role for Gαs: regulation of the post-endocytic sorting of GPCRs"                             

15:00-15:30        Coffee Break

15:30-17 :00        SESSION 4: Allosteric regulation and
                                            interacting partners

15:30  Philippe Marin, Université de Montpellier, France
            "A GPCR/Cdk5 complex promotes neuronal differentiation"

15:55  Michel Bouvier, Université de Montréal, Canada
            "Defining signalling efficacy at mutliple GPCR downstream effectors"

16:20  Patrick Sexton, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
            "Controlling signalling at the glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor"

16:45  Short presentation - Jacob Mahoney, University of Michigan Medical
            School, USA
            "Mechanism for the allosteric effects of G proteins on orthosteric ligand
            binding to GPCRs"

17:00-19:30        Poster Session #2 

19:30-21:00        Dinner

21:00-21:30        Board Meeting (to discuss next retreat)

21:30                 Social Activity

                           Saturday October 4th                      

 7:30-8:30           Breakfast

8:30-10:00          SESSION 5: Non-conventional aspects of GPCR

8:30  J. Silvio Gutkind, National Institute of Health (NIDCR), USA
        "GPCRs and Cancer: The Hippo in the Room?"

8:55  Xianhua Piao, Harvard Medical School, MA, USA
          "Adhesion GPCRs and their ECM binding partners during neuronal

9:20  Martine J. Smit, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Netherlands
          "Viral GPCRs rewire cellular signaling networks"

9:45  Short presentation - Rhiannon Campden, McGill University, Canada
Investigating Gβγ subunit interactions with nuclear proteins and
           potential roles in regulating gene expression"

10:00-10:30        Coffee Break

                          Animal models and translational research

10:30  Martin Beaulieu, Université Laval, Quebec, Canada
            "Beta-arrestin signaling cross-talk regulates mood-related behavior"

10:55  Brigitte Kieffer, Douglas Institut Center, McGill University,
Montreal, Canada
           "GPR88: an orphan GPCR with potential for the treatment of brain

11:20  Stefan Herlitze, Ruhr-Universität, Bochum, Germany
            "Control of Gi/o and Gq signals, neuronal activity and behavior by light
             activated GPCRs"

11:45  Short presentation - Lusine Bozoyan, Université Laval, Canada
            "GPR84 deficiency reduces microgliosis, but accelerates dendritic
             degeneration and cognitive decline in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s


12:00   Closing Remarks

12:15    Lunch and Farewell

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